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Twelve Hearings Twelve Hearings
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Why hire a book writing coach?

Writing a book takes commitment and dedication as becoming an author is a profession and publishing a book is a business. As an independent author, you will be responsible for the inception of your book idea to publishing, marketing, and distribution. A book writing coach can guide you through your writing process from start to finish.

Why hire me as your book writing coach?

To date, I have successfully written four novels, of which three have been published. As a 3-x winner of the NaNoWriMo national writing contest, I have firsthand experience of what it takes to outline and write a book to completion. 

What you can expect when you hire me

as your book writing coach:

  • Help with clarifying your writing goals.

  • Supporting your creative expression.

  • Daily motivational emails and actionable steps to keep you writing.

  • An accountability partner.

  • Personal feedback on your book project.

  • Collaboration on your plan for success, so that you reach your goals.

  • Help with challenges in meeting your goals and tips on overcoming roadblocks.

  • Help with organizing your book.

  • Help with developing a book launch plan for your book.


  • 30-day service

  • 60-day service

  • 90-day service

  • 180-day service

  • Unlimited

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