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Their story begins with a young girl who sought the loa, Papa Legba, for a favor – take away my voice and make me cripple. During her vow of silence, Zuellie discovers many family secrets and eventually finds hope in a family relic—La Clairière, an old, bent machete that was never intended for use. Traveling secretly from one hand to the next and eventually crossing over the Seas from Haiti to Cuba and finally Louisiana, where one family member’s grief turns to rage as she finds more than comfort and familial ties in the mysterious blade of La Clairière.


“Totally engrossing. I felt as if I were neglecting the characters during those times I was away from this book. I catch myself wondering what they’re doing and who will wield La Clairière next.”   Keith C.


"I thought Twelve Days of La Clairière by Laura Gaisie was an excellent story and very well written. I went in thinking that the main character was going to be Linn and the plot being how she’d keep her husband from straying, but I was glad that the story was actually about Zuellie whom I personally thought was a more interesting character. I have always been a history buff and I must admit learning about Vodou and the practice is something I find fascinating. This book called to me for this reason and this novel did not disappoint. I noticed just as I finished the book that it was part three in a series, so I plan on getting my hands on the previous two books. Laura Gaisie has done an amazing job with this novel and I can’t wait to read more of her work." Tiffany F.


"Loved it! 😍

Generational curses, magic, & voodoo tie together this amazing story! If you love history, love, and magic, this book is for you! I've always been quite taken with the world of Caribbean religions, and Laura Gaisie does not disappoint with her third novel, "Twelve Days La Clairière." The story follows multiple generations as they deal (in very different ways) with the spiritual elements that follow their family." Laur F.

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