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The first question I’m usually asked about Purple Pearls Publishing is, “where did the name come from?”  Some years ago, I met a woman who told me when I entered the room she had a vision of me holding a large basket that reached to the floor, and every time I spoke to someone, afterward I would reach into the basket and hand them a pearl. Around the same time of this encounter, I had been studying royal colors in the Bible (Blue, Purple, Red, Gold…) and for some reason, purple stood out the most…I saw purple everywhere! So, being the creative person that I am, Purple Pearls Publishing was born.

Initially, I created Purple Pearls Publishing for more creative control over publishing my novels. However, once other aspiring writers saw my local successes, requests to publish for other authors started to trickle in. My primary clients are women (single, married, or divorced) who have raised children, are hard-working, independent, and now find themselves disconnected from their true purpose. Purple Pearls Publishing helps women write and publish their stories to connect them back to their souls.

Writing frees the forgotten and overlooked part of ourselves. Because I believe writing is good for everyone, I have expanded my services to include everyone (regardless of race, age, or gender). Whether your genre is fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, children’s books, or poetry…Purple Pearls Publishing is here to help you with your dream of becoming a published author. For those who struggle with writing or typing but have a desire to share their story, there is additional support in The Writing Room, where interactive coaching is available, a writing workbook set, and a transcribing service (if needed).

Contact me today! My services are affordable and my hours are flexible.  

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