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Secrets confessed to a dying woman should not be remembered. For Emma, hearing serves a greater purpose. In this follow-up story of Twelve Mondays, Emma St. Roman knows her body lies in a coma as her soul visits the man in the garden. He encourages her to return to the mysterious door and turn the doorknob, reconnecting her soul and body. And she is prepared to do so - if only her family and friends would stop confessing their secrets at her bedside.


"Absolutely loved this book about healing, forgiveness, and that we all have secrets. Highly recommend to anyone over the age of 12. Comatose woman serves as confessor to friends and family and thereby comes to understand herself and their perspectives on situations from her past." - Emily C.

"Twelve Hearing takes off from where Twelve Mondays left, at the juncture of life and death. After her rendezvous with her lost child, Suniva in the miraculous garden, Emma stands at the crossroads of an important choice. Guided by the mysterious Gentleman Emma has to decide, whether to stay back with Suniva in the magical corridor forever or go back to life, to another daughter who was born while she was in coma. It's literally a question of life and death, and Emma needs to find the answer. As always, Laura Gaisie makes a soulful read. After the delightful 'Twelve Mondays', Twelve Hearings takes it a step further. If Twelve Mondays was to deal with ghosts of the past, Twelve Hearings is about the choices for future. The title is also so apt because Emma finds her healing through hearing what her loved ones have to say. The book is a pleasure, again. It's a book about letting go of our past burdens and embracing what the future has to offer. It's about forgiveness, to ourselves and others. It's about how at the end of the day, we all need to go back home. As already said, it's a beautiful book about the value of family and grace. The ending is much more conclusive this time. So if the author decides to take the story forward, it would be interesting to see how the plot develops. Until then, go ahead, give your soul a breather and breeze through Twelve Hearings." - Kabir

"Twelve Hearings" is a unique and witty tale. I have read uncountable books in past few months and have not come across a storyline as powerful and unique as this one. The book is a long read but it will entertain the readers throughout the story. The wise talk between Emma's soul and the man in the garden, the confession of Emma's friends and family members are entertainer.
The cover is eye catchy and relatable. The title is amusing. Story is fast paced and language is for voracious readers. Looking forward to read the next part which is yet to be released." - Pratibha M. 

"A very unique plot and heart-wrenching as well." - Farha K.

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