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Twelve Mondays Twelve Mondays
reviews: 7
ratings: 9 (avg rating 4.56)

Twelve Hearings Twelve Hearings
reviews: 4
ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.75)



Emma has set a goal of sobriety within 12 weeks, but something has gone wrong. Now she stands in the Corridor with the golden floors having this profound discussion with the Gentleman. Alternating between present-day and the past, Twelve Mondays is a coming-of-age story about accepting one's truth and righting past wrongs.


Secrets confessed to a dying woman should not be remembered. For Emma, hearing serves a greater purpose. In this follow-up story of Twelve Mondays, Emma St. Roman knows her body lies in a coma as her soul visits the man in the garden. He encourages her to return to the mysterious door and turn the doorknob, reconnecting her soul and body. And she is prepared to do so - if only her family and friends would stop confessing their secrets at her bedside.





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Book Three


Their story begins with a young girl who sought the loa, Papa Legba, for a favor – take away my voice and make me cripple. During her vow of silence, Zuellie discovers many family secrets and eventually finds hope in a family relic—La Clairière, an old, bent machete that was never intended for use. Traveling secretly from one hand to the next and eventually crossing over the Seas from Haiti to Cuba and finally Louisiana, where one family member’s grief turns to rage as she finds more than comfort and familial ties in the mysterious blade of La Clairière.


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