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Thoughts from a 7th Grade School teacher

Words from a wise school teacher, and a dear friend, during Shelter-in-place distance learning...

My Thoughts About All This

The thoughts run wild within my head

whilst I lay upon my bed

No sleep will come else dreams chase crazy

I don't want to get up, am I just lazy?

Or overwhelmed beyond repair

Luckily infrequent bouts of despair While I continue lying there

Lesson planning in my head

I've zoomed for hours, graded, planned and refined

Once again, I've nearly forgotten to dine

Put my children to bed at half past nine

Stayed up planning yet again

It seems against this infinite need I cannot win

Family cares and woes abound

It's midnight now, what is that sound?

Just the neighbor screeching for her cat

When will she learn cats don't come when you call them?

Yet hope beacons me

bidding me come

One day this chaos will be done

And we will all see each other again


not via a screen

Hug again, laugh again, cry again

Without weird lag time or tin can sound

Will we remember the life lessons we've learned?

While forced to slow down and yet speed up

To catch the learning curve

Will we still walk together with our families?

Garden, draw, paint and play?

Will we still smile and say thank you

as we pass others on our way?

I really believe we can.