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2020 Vision

I love the start of a new year with all the promise for change and new beginnings. I'm one of "those people" who make a list close to the end of one year of things I want to change on January 1st. Then with my well thought out list, I say a prayer on new year's eve, and awake the next morning with fresh determination to accomplish my New Year Resolutions.

One year I'll never forget. It was 2008, I had set one goal: read the entire Bible in one year. Thankfully, with the help of a one-year Bible given to me from a friend I was able to accomplish that goal. Another year I determined to lose 30 lbs, and the next I challenged myself to complete that Novel I started writing 20 years ago.

For some time I believed there was some mystery associated with new years eve giving me supernatural powers to accomplish my goals until one day in 2019, overwhelmed with life, I figured why not duplicate what works for me.

Setting Goals.

The same as I had done on New Year's Eve, and you know what, it worked!

I have experienced wonderful moments these last two years by applying this method. My creativity and inspiration has grown to unbelievable heights, as if writing down my thoughts, hopes and desires unlocked a secret compartment within that had been locked away since childhood.

I want to challenge someone to try setting small, measurable, obtainable goals for your life. There are so many possibilities when we free ourselves to dream, and yes, write down those dreams and visions. I believe 2020 will bless us beyond our wildest dreams.

Make this year, 2020, truly your year of clear vision for your life.