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Twelve Mondays Twelve Mondays
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Twelve Hearings Twelve Hearings
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ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.75)


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Things I've learned from my first Book Release

People are mostly supportive, and routing for your success 🎉 - The ones you expect to be your biggest cheerleaders 😀 will probably abandon you ☹ - And that's probably for the best, they were only around for a season 🌨⛈☀️ - As a new author you will make many mistakes, and your first book will be a reflection of that 😥 - Which is okay... celebrate anyway you just completed a project everyone at your book-signing tells you they've always wanted to do 😁 - 🔊So keep learning, keep developing your skill, keep writing and keep promoting! - Lastly, set an unbelievable goal and start climbing ⛰

(prayerfully, because if God ain't in it, I don't want it 🙏😇)