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Twelve Mondays Twelve Mondays
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Twelve Hearings Twelve Hearings
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Emma has set a goal of sobriety within 12 weeks, but something has gone wrong.

Now she stands in the Corridor with the golden floors having this profound discussion with the Gentleman.


Alternating between present-day and the past, Twelve Mondays is a coming-of-age story about accepting one's truth and righting past wrongs.



Coming of age story,

spiritual growth.


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Secrets confessed to a dying woman should not be remembered. For Emma, hearing serves a greater purpose.

In this follow-up story of Twelve Mondays, Emma St. Roman knows her body lies in a coma as her soul visits the man in the garden.


He encourages her to return to the mysterious door and turn the doorknob, reconnecting her soul and body.


And she is prepared to do so - if only her family and friends would stop confessing their secrets at her bedside.




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Book Three



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Twelve Days of Terror, book 3 excerpt...

1903 Aquin, Haiti The day their youngest child decided to never speak again, she stood before her open bedroom window and waited for papa Legba, the guardian of crossroads, to grant her request. If permitted she would move forward with the second phase of her plan which included paralysis. She investigated the midnight sky and marveled at how the fireflies below seemed to mimic the twinkling stars above. “Shoo, you must hurry,” she whispered to the one nearest her window before it’s light dimmed, blending it into the darkness. If she didn’t receive an answer soon, next she’d pray to erzulie mansur, protector of children. With one ear she listened to the sea and the other she tuned to listen

Twelve Hearings, book 2 excerpt...

Before my eyes can open, I am arrested again, detained by this rigid hospital bed. Straining to listen, I can hear what sounds like aquatic voices somewhere beyond my eclipsed vision. Past being able to hear, there is no other sensation for me. No taste, sight, touch, or smell—it’s just the darkness and my hearing. I try to raise an arm or kick either of my legs, but nothing moves. This is why I’d rather not be here. For me, this body is death. I must get back to the garden. Suniva needs me, and I need her. Just as I’m about to lose my mind, a peculiar thing happens—I began to levitate. Not my physical body, that one remains immobile, but my soul rises. I am looking down on a woman with a p

Twelve Mondays, book 1 excerpt...

MAYBE THEY WERE flashing lights, but how was Emma to know for sure? One minute she’s sitting in her Mercedes, wet-faced, and runny-nosed from crying, and the next she’s standing against that awful bright light, calling her to attention. She flinched, then shielded heavy eyelids that concealed brown eyes, swollen from tears which made it difficult to see clearly. Feeling detached from her body, Emma tended to her legs, which were weightless but intact. The same with her arms, undamaged, albeit languishing limply at her sides. The light before her rose and fell; it swelled and then collapsed like a beating heart. Raising an arm over her eyes, the light would decrease. Lowering her hand, the gl



And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,

that you may prove what is that good and acceptable

and perfect will of God. Romans 12:2 NKJV


Thanks for your interest in my books.

My hope is for each reader to have a life-transforming experience!


     Laura Gaisie